Business Growth Checklist

So, you’ve gotten your business off the ground and have some traction. Time to grow? This business growth checklist is a great kickstart:

ATO Disaster Relief

ATO Disaster Relief

QLD Floods 2013; ATO Disaster Relief

If you have been affected by a disaster –
either as an individual, a business or as part of a
wider community – you may need help reconstructing
your records, getting deferrals,
accessing your money or making or
receiving payments and donations.

July to Sept 2012 BAS deadline

Business Activity Statement (BAS)

BAS deadline, BAS form

Are you registered for quarterly BAS reporting? July to September 2012 BAS due date is 28 October 2012.


* get bank statements for 1 July to 30 September 2012 ready

* have source documents (eg supplier invoices) ready

* ensure payroll is finalised up to 30 September


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The New and Improved Website Is Here!

Welcome to our new website!

It has been a little while in the making and even though there are still updates needing to be done, it is here, it is clean, fresh and professional!

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